Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this law firm sufficiently staffed and equipped to handle legal matters for most organizations?

A: Palladian Law Group is designed with a network of resources available, positioning the firm to meet the challenges of changing client needs.

Q: How do Palladian’s fees compare with those of larger firms?

A: You get the same quality work product from Palladian Law Group offered by a large law firm, for lower rates. At a time when standard billing rates for partners at large California-based firms can be as high as $700 an hour, the savings with Palladian Law Group can be tremendous.

Q: How does this law firm keep its fees much lower than larger law firms and provide eqivalent or superior quality and service?

A: We’ve implemented a number of different business practices to reduce our operating costs and to pass the savings on to our clients.

Q: Does this law firm use modern technology to prepare and conduct its cases?

A: Yes. Our integration of modern communications and informational technology allows us to handle complicated cases with the utmost efficiency.

Q: Why would I choose this law firm over another law firm?

A: At larger law firms, associates would likely handle your case. Here, you will always receive the personal attention of a principal decision maker.

Q: What geographical locations does this law firm service?

A: The bulk of our clients are from Northern California, but Palladian Law Group has clients from all over California and other neighboring states.

Q: Why is your firm named “Palladian”?

A: Palladian means “pertaining to wisdom and study,” after Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom, who slew a giant and used his skin as a shield. Let us slay your legal giants.

Q: Does your logo represent anything?

‘Palladian’ is derived from the Greek Goddess Athena, who slew a dragon with her sword and used its skin as a shield. 

The logo represents 4 spearheads coming together to symbolize the 4 areas of law we practice; business, real estate, intellectual property, and estate planning. 

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Pallaidan Law Group

Our firm is multi-disciplinary, serving individuals, businesses, and other organizations. We emphasize delivering superior value while developing client relationships characterized by highly personalized service, and practical, creative legal solutions.

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